People want to solve their own problems, but some problems – both personal and professional – can be harder to solve than others, leaving us feeling unsettled and stuck.

Empower One provides a safe, virtual environment for people to come together and discuss problems we all experience. Each one-hour session focuses on a single topic and encourages participants, through guided discussions, to uncover hidden factors that may be getting in our way.

The goal for each session is to provide one insight that will open new possibilities for problem solving and ultimately bring greater peace of mind.

Sessions are open to everyone. We look forward to you joining us!

Team Solutions
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Session NameDescriptionCostRegistration Link
I Wish I Had Spoken UpExplore the reasons why we hold back saying something (when maybe we shouldn’t), the cost of doing so, and how to speak up from a place of empowerment.$6011/9 - 12 pm MT

11/30 - 11 am MT
My Authentic Self Doesn't Understand Your Authentic SelfConnect to anyone, any time, through your invisible sameness.$6010/14 - 11:30 AM MT

10/26 - 2 PM MT
I'm Tired of Curating My ImageUncover the reasons why we curate an image and how understanding those reasons can lessen the pressure you feel to keep it up.$6012/7 - 10:30 AM MT

12/16 - 9:30 AM MT
I Don't Know And I’m Not Going to Tell YouExamine why people can’t admit they don’t know and how admitting it creates pathways to new possibilities and outcomes you want.$6011/2 - 10:30 AM MT

11/18 - 10 AM MT
People Just Hear What They Want To HearRealize why active listening isn’t enough. There’s a whole other way to listen that allows for much deeper understanding of others and even yourself.$6011/4 - 10 AM MT

11/16 - 10:30 AM MT
People Frustrate MeExplore why you’re unable to resolve discordant or frustrating relationships. Here’s a hint… it’s not about what anyone is doing.$6010/12 - 11 AM MT

10/21 - 10:30 AM MT
I'm Upset and I Don't Know WhyUncover the root cause of your dissatisfaction with people or situations and learn a simple and effective way to resolve it.$6010/19 - 1 PM MT

10/28 - 11:30 AM MT
Responsible ComplainingReveal the purpose behind complaining, put a stop to it, and learn to use it skillfully to get the outcomes you want.$6012/9 - 11:30 AM MT

12/21 - 12 PM MT
I Don’t Fit InInvestigate where the responsibility to generate a sense of belonging lies to shift from feeling like an outsider to an insider.$6012/2 - 10 AM MT

12/14 - 1 PM MT
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