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Thinking Decoded   –   (8 hrs   |   4 virtual sessions)

Think you know how you think? Find out in this virtual class. Engage in mind-bending, fun activities and reflections and discussions about your real-life experiences. Share your real-time thinking to understand why you think the ways that you do! Identify and unlearn common but limiting thought patterns that just about everyone has.

This 8-hour virtual class is delivered in four, 2-hour sessions over a 4-week period. Class size is limited to 6 people to ensure a highly personalized experience that gives participants time to think, process, and converse.

  • Learn why you think the way you do ‐ not what to think
  • Experience how much more impactful increasing understanding can be than acquiring more knowledge and skills
  • Unlock more of your natural abilities to generate advanced ideas and resolutions
  • Have the “ah-ha’s” and insights you can never forget
  • Experience the possibilities new and different thinking can open for you


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Lasting Impact

The Thinking Decoded course by Coin Harlan was a fun and enjoyable, yet an incredibly deep experience that impacted me in the most profound ways. As a professional basketball player, I highly value and know the power of mental work and its ability to contribute to my performance and well-being. The course opened my eyes to basic foundations of thought and perception, which are because they are so simple are often forgotten. It showed me how certain ways in which I perceive the world are not only questionable but also causing me unnecessary strain and can be easily managed just by changing my perspective. The course material was highly thought provoking. The facilitators, Randy and Julie, are very experienced and obviously masters at what they do. They taught the course professionally, evoked participation wonderfully (even in the virtual environment), and made everyone feel comfortable sharing and opening up. I highly recommend the course to all those who are excited about personal growth and are ready to make the next leap in their lives, all while meeting an amazing group of people.

ROBERT ROTHBART | Professional Basketball Player

In so many instances when we think about growth, acquiring knowledge, and becoming better at seeking solutions, we tend to go on a search for more information. Often, what gets disregarded in the search for information and answers are things that are so hardwired within us that prevent us from seeing the true nature of problems we’re trying to solve. The most amazing thing about this training is its genius of simplicity – helping participants understand the narratives, ideas, and things we hold onto so strongly, emotionally and that have a significant effect on how we view the world; we don’t realize these things actually blind us to seeing the solutions. I was truly amazed at how this training really allowed us to look within and discover the many glasses we wear that distort reality. The more you think you know, the smarter you think you are, the more valuable and powerful the exercises in this training will be for you. So truly engaging. Not only did it allow me to grow within my professional life, but its impact was just as powerful in my personal life. I frequently reflect on it in many situations to this very day. Best, most impactful, and enlightening training I’ve ever done.

BRANDON | Financial Planner

The Thinking Decoded class revealed more biases to me than the typical biases that are popular today. It has given me tools to help me investigate my thinking, which has paid off in all aspects of my life.

ANONYMOUS | Software Engineering Manager

The Thinking Decoded class made me realize where I can improve my thinking to get better results in every aspect of my life. What an engaging eye opener.

ANONYMOUS | Software Engineering Consultant

I am more aware of the fact that everyone is operating with their own narratives.


I am definitely more conscious of my responses and assumptions.