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Coin Harlan is creative, innovative, and easy to work with. They can take their strong knowledge and skill set, and match it in a very personal way to the needs of our team.

LESLIE WAITE, PH.D |Sr. Trainer, Lung Cancer Portfolio, CMG Training and Development

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Brandon Hall Award Brandon Hall Award

We worked with T-Mobile to develop Career Advantage, a top-talent program for entry-level individual contributors. The five-month microlearning curriculum focused on core leadership skills needed to prepare for the next level. We also developed the follow-on six-month microlearning top-talent program, NXTLVL, which prepared experienced high-potential individual contributors for people-manager roles. These manager-readiness programs won two Brandon Hall Awards in 2019: a bronze for Excellence in Talent Management in the category Best Unique or Innovative Talent Management Program and a silver for Excellence in Learning in the Best Use of Video for Learning category.

Brandon Hall Award

Our partner Advantage Performance, and American Honda Motor Co., won a Bronze Excellence in Learning Award for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy with a program called Discover Honda: Values Driving the Future. We helped design and execute several components of the strategy, including a new hire orientation workshop and an eLearning course for Honda dealerships.

Brandon Hall Award. Brandon Hall Award.

In partnership with T-Mobile, we conceptualized and architected T-Mobile's first microlearning strategy for the Leadership Development group's high-potential leaders curricula. The solution presented learning on a daily basis, in approximately 2- to 20-minute experiences, delivered in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous formats. The program was awarded two 2017 Brandon Hall Awards: a gold for Excellence in Learning and a bronze for Excellence Leadership Development.